Thursday, 20 July 2017

Speed stacking and gully fun!

Jarrod and Lammy's tower

Jacob the adventurer!

Tamatoa and Morgan ready to climb

Riley and Amelia getting the trap ready

Let's go exploring

Lammy enjoying the sunshine under his tree

Room 17 tower collapse

Quinton's turn 

Dylan trying out the mini cups

Hassett mastering the mini cups

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Term 2

Wow we are already at the end of Week 3.

This term we have been focussing on being aware of what is around us when we we are outside and in the Gully.

Many children have identified the Piwakawaka that hang out in the Gully, along with spiders, lizards, bugs and creepy crawlies. Some children have been fascinated by life living in the creek and though they have not caught anything yet they are coming up with creative ways to try.

The junior classes have tested their risk taking skills by riding scooters, skateboards and unicycles during CRT time. They come up with their own traffic rules and decide very quickly on who is the traffic officer.

Risk taking comes up a lot in CRT with Miss Dallow. For many children they try things for the first time or push themselves to work outside their own comfort zone in a safe manner.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Term 1

This term we have spent a bit of time in the gully. We have explored the stream and found life, we have built huts, climbed trees and been eaten by mosquitoes.

Some classes went scootering and skateboarding when the gully was unavailable.

Next term some students want to explore the life in the stream a bit more to see what is actually living in there. We will also begin identifying weeds, trees and plants that occupy our gully.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

CRT 2017

Hi everyone!! 

In term 1 2017, we will be exploring our backyard, this means insects, birds, plants and more!!

The children will be investigating native species and learning about sustainability and caring for nature.

We will look into what we already have available in the school to attract birds and insects and what we can do to add to this.

Your child might be set tasks to do around the home to continue the learning outside of school.

I will post photos, videos of our learning, along with links to resources or activities that you can do at home.